Should you require a prescription, you must:*
1)        Ensure your child has been seen for review consultation within 6 months of the request
2)        Confirm that your child’s BP, pulse, height & weight have been checked within 6 months and that are all within the expected range.
3)        Give a minimum of one working weeks’ notice (clinic working week Mon-Wed)
4)        Provide your child’s name, address and DOB
5)        Provide exact details of medication request (list all medications and doses)
6)     Provide the pharmacy name and healthmail address
7)        Indicate the date the prescription is required

8) If your child has a medical card, please confirm your GP healthmail address


The fee for standard prescriptions is €25. Prescriptions cannot be issued without payment.

Please do not expect a response when the clinic is closed (Thurs/Fri/weekends/ annual leave).

*Prescription requests that do not incorporate points 1-7 above will result in delays.

Urgent prescription requests cannot be catered for (please do not request same).

When re-ordering prescriptions, please check with your pharmacist when your prescription will run out and contact well in advance, being mindful of the days the clinic is open and annual leave arrangements.

ADHD medication (controlled medication): If your child is on an ongoing medication dose, the maximum amount allowed on one prescription is 3 instalments (equivalent to 3 months). Due to the rules governing the issuing of controlled medication prescriptions, to ensure all three instalments of the medication are supplied by the pharmacy, you must collect (rather than hand in) Instalment 1 on the date of the prescription. Instalment 2 and 3 must be collected on Day 30 and Day 60 of the date of the prescription respectively. Discuss this with your pharmacist to ensure clarity. Note the dates and plan your prescription request in good time accordingly.

Should you require a prescription, you must complete all the details in this form.

Cost: €1